Emily Scott

Website Developer

  • Address: RR#1 Glenwood, Yarmouth County, NS, B0W1W0
  • Date of Birth: August 7, 1990
  • Email: emilyscott260@gmail.com
  • Telephone: (902) 740-7850

Emily Scott is from the small town of Yarmouth, NS. In her spare time she enjoys watching documentaries on space and wildlife, experimenting with new technology, and exploring/adventuring to new places.



Website Maintenance

November 2011 - Present

My role includes maintaining customer websites, along with the installation and maintenance of custom made Forums, Ecommerce, and WordPress blogs. This required the use of HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Java Script and Photoshop. Since I am currently in a customer facing position, it was necessary to have contact with customers by phone and through email.

Pida I&MP Ltd.

Website Developer

June 2010 - March 2011

Student internship that involved building an E-Commerce website using Wordpress, and a directory website using Joomla. Communication with the employer was mostly through skype.



My current employment, I have had the time and opportunity to develop my coding abilities, which I am very comfortable with.


I currently use Dreamweaver to build and maintain any website. I am able to use basic programs, like notepad, or notepad ++, but I prefer Dreamweaver because the shortcuts help speed up the process.


I use Photoshop for any image work, logos, buttons or any request from a customer that requires design work.


I use jQuery for most addons that I need to build for customers (flip books, rotating banners, etc)


I have a basic understanding of PHP and MySQL, almost all of the sites that are built at my current employment are using PHP, this is something that I work with daily. When passwords are forgotten, or users need to be created, I will go into the database and change or edit information.


NSCC Burridge Campus - Yarmouth, NS (2009-2011)
Information Technology Web Development Diploma - Honours.

Drumlin Heights - Argyle, NS (2001-2008)
High School Graduation Diploma

05:Awards / Certificates

CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals - 2010
WHMIS/OHS - 2009
Silver Medal: For having an average above 80 in high school - 2008


Cooking/Baking, Photography, Computers, Other Electronics, Music, Outdoor Activities (Swimming, Going for Walks, Skating, etc.)


Pierrette d'EntremontEmployer at Pida I&MP Ltd.
Pida I & M Products LTD, CP210, Middle West Pubnico,
NS, B0W 2MO, Canada
Work Phone: (902) 762-0186